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        Fee standards
        1. The international standard booth: 6,300 yuan/a (3M * 3M), standard booth: including exhibiting ground, three sides or two sides panel (high 2.5 M), lintel board text production, shoot the light two bright, a negotiation table, two chairs, one 220V socket containing carpet, a and public areas, health, safety and security.
        Other exhibition and services have the expenses.
        2. Indoor light ground: 650 yuan/square metre, 36 sq.m. Space does not contain any configuration, exhibition, electricity, set up and expenses.
          Specially decorated fee, especially to install the deposit shall be separately pay to exhibition hall.
        3.Three-phase power, gas supply by exhibitors. To charge reporting requirements.

        Electricity and the gas, water, transportation fees are not included in this exhibition charges, detailed please see in charge the exhibitors service guide"
        Because of natural factors, force majeure, government authorities decrees or any other unpredictable factors, the committee shall have the right to postpone or cancel, shorten, extension, and therefore for exhibition loss or detrimental effect brought exhibitors are not liable.

        Booth chart

        2 museum exhibition floor plan.     Download 

        3 museum exhibition floor plan.     Download 


        5 museum exhibition floor plan.     Download 


        6 museum exhibition floor plan.    Download 

        8 museum exhibition floor plan.    Download 

        Booth registration

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